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  The Pirhana Rock Collider is a patent pending attrition impact mill. The mill is compact, portable, powerful and weighs 45 pounds. This portable rock crusher takes up to 2.5 inch rock and grinds down to 20,40,80 mesh depending on screen size. The amount the mill will grind depends on your screen size and on how hard your rock is. The Pirhana Rock Collider comes with a 2.5 horse Honda motor. It has removable liners and hammers. This mill is a workhorse for the small miner or anyone wanting to run large sample. The mill will grind apx 150lb an hour. Why rely on an assay that is only a teaspoon of material when you could run the ore and get a real assessment of how much gold is recoverable. The Pirhana Rock Collider is portable and can used to test numerous properties. You cant move a stamp mill or ball mill like you can our rock crusher. Another nice feature is gold comes out rolled up in balls like BB's. Gold that is rolled up is easier to catch because it falls to the bottom quick unlike flat pieces that can float away

  The Biggest drawback to the Pirhana Rock collider rock crusher is that it won't run wet material. The material can't get through the classifier. You can add water to the material as soon as it comes out of the mill.

Watch our video and compare the Pirhana rock collider with anything out there

Pirhana rock crusher sells for $1995


The Rock Collider Chainsaw Sample Mill is must have for the hard rock mining prospector.  The small rock crusher can check hundreds of sample a day.  You can't do that with a mortor and pedestal.  Why carry buckets of rock around hoping that you will remember where you got it.  When you can check it right there.  If I get home and I find a rock that shows color I always regret not picking more of it up. If you check it there you won't miss the good rock. Rock Colliders chainsaw sample mill is a must have for the prospector. Check out the video  to see how well our sample mills works.
 The chainsaw crusher sells for $489 shipped to the lower 48 states.



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 We have a couple of ball mills, Impact mills, Stamp mills. We have jaw crusher, Humphrey spirals, electric motors conveyors and generators.                

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Rock Collider is a family company. The founder and owner Richard Hansen has over 50 years experience in hard rock mining and milling ore

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